Riverside Boulevard Project Show Description

This 5,000 square foot apartment is the combination of two units on the 43rd floor of one of Trump’s new buildings on Riverside Boulevard. The space was gutted and reconfigured for a family with three children.

The dining room, living room, kitchen, family room and study flow from one to the other along the apartment’s Hudson River side. To exploit the spectacular views up and down the river the walls separating these rooms were removed and in their place a series of paneled partitions containing storage units, media components and appliances were added. The result is an apartment that has the feeling of spaciousness found in lofts, but still retains the formality that comes with discreet rooms.

An extensive use of millwork in all rooms reduces reliance on furniture and further enhances the open feeling of the apartment. Paneling and cabinetry are a combination of oak and maple. Floors are ebonized oak, slate and limestone. The kitchen counters are a luxurious blue granite; the walls are marble. Cove lighting reduces the glare off glass surfaces and creates an enchanting nighttime experience. A series of wood and glass partitions provide privacy to the centrally located dining room and a 20 foot wide retractable scrim electronically descends from the ceiling to camouflage the kitchen when the apartment is used for formal entertaining.

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