10th Street Project Show Description

This 3,000 square foot apartment combines two mirror image units. The clients, a young professional couple purchased and renovated the first unit not knowing that within a short three years they would be combining it with the adjacent apartment.

The building in which the apartments are located is a 1960’s white brick co-op with low ceilings, small bathrooms and a dearth of architectural detail. At the center of each unit was a relatively large windowless space that functioned neither as dining nor living area.

To address the problem, the first renovation expanded the kitchen into that space and integrated it with a library connecting entry hall to living room. In an effort to save the work done in the first phase, the second renovation leaves the kitchen in place, but now the library connects to an expanded living room, formal dining area and new breakfast room. A media room occupies the underused center of the second apartment. A dedicated air conditioning system serves this room when sliding frosted glass panels close it off for privacy.

The extensive use of rich mahogany paneling and variegated granite adds the warmth and detail to the apartment where none existed before. The flexible lighting system was designed to enhance the owner’s impressive photo collection. The architects worked closely with the owners to select all of the furniture, carpets and accessories.

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