The Company

Koppelman_3Hesco Construction Corp. was founded by James Hesse in 1987. Ken Benes joined the firm as partner and president in 1990. In the ensuing years, Hesco Construction has developed into an award winning company specializing in interior renovations of high-end commercial and residential properties.

Major Areas of Practice:

  • Custom Residential and Interiors
  • Building Renovations
  • Retail: Commercial and professional enterprises
  • Legal: Development and construction of law firms
  • Medical: clinics and private practices


Land1-largeHesco Construction has evolved into a company emphasizing a hands on approach to each project contracted for. Every facet of construction is monitored with attention to the smallest detail ensuring a satisfactory product delivered to our clients.

Hesco Construction approaches each project as a unique set of circumstances working with the supervising architects and designers throughout the course of the project.

Hesco Construction has employed the same subcontractors for more than ten years. Included are licensed electricians, plumbers, HVAC specialists, and tile/stone installers. Most of these companies are owner operated and have formed a perfectly choreographed synergy with Hesco Construction in meeting and solving the challenges of interior renovations. Many of our projects take place in aging buildings with less than satisfactory infrastructure. Our staff along with the expertise of our experienced subcontractors have worked effectively with the supervising architects and engineers to solve in a timely and cost effective way, remedies for these failing subsystems.

Hesco Construction employs the latest technology in developing and completing its projects. Our company has been computerized for over 10 years, employing sophisticated hardware and software as an adjunct to the actual construction insuring the successful completion of a project. Our extensive database and project monitoring software insures that projects are completed on time and within budget.